It’s the right person!

Little do you know,
That every decision and route,
Was meant to be, was meant to happen,
They said: “Everything Happens For A Reason”
I wish that reason is to find you, and be found by you.

You got hurt, so do I.
But hopefully when time pass by,
You and I both find out everything was right.

Right timing, right place, …
So many things to decide, to consider.
But trust me, only one thing that matters:
It’s the right person!
The right person can right the wrong timing,
Take you to the right place, without thinking

You will see, the past wouldn’t be so bad,
As it led you to me, in the fastest path.
All the things you have been through,
You’ll find it worthy.

And for me? I hope this is not just my imaginary 

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